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Our Mission

To support programs and organizations that directly impact students and educators in low income, inner city schools to give every student an opportunity to succeed through profits from our apparel sales

Why Suport Urban Schools


of low-income, urban students read at a basic level


less per student than their suburban counterpart


Graduation Rate


of urban students come from impoverished homes

The story

When you wear and promote the Urban81 name, you are joining a revolution for change in America’s urban school districts. 

Urban81 was started by a 2nd grade teacher who, teaching in the Wichita, KS USD 259 school district where 75%+ of students come from impoverished homes, saw a need for ensuring every child was given an equal opportunity no matter their economic situation. 

 Through a partnership with a local designer, her and her husband set out to create a high-quality apparel business with amazing designs so they could fund programs and organizations that affected, at that time, the 81 different schools in their local school district. This vision has grown since with a goal to impact 81+ organizations and programs around the United States.

Why 81?

Urban81 started in Wichita, KS where the local school district had 81 different schools serving a population of which 75% of the students came from impoverished homes. Using that as a springboard, Urban81 has a goal of impacting 81+ programs and organizations around the United States that impact inner city schools

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